Summarized from EU norm EN 975-1

Thickness 27 mm

Width 160 mm till 280 mm


Graded on two faces , sapwood free

QF 1A/1b


1st  & Bis

3 or 4 sides clear with allowance small knots ca 12 mm

QF 1b/2


Bis / 2

Healthy knots from 12 mm till  25 mm

QF 2/3


2 / 3

Heathy knots from 25 to 45 mm

QF 3 /4

3 /4

Knots from 45 to 80 mm. No open heart, no end cracks.
Flat boards.


Graded on best face   

QF 1-2 X

Elegant  “Top grade, for solid flooring producers or toplayers producers”

Flat boards, no heart.
No knots or small healthy knots till max 25 mm.
Sapwood on the backface allowed.

QF 2/3 X

Character “Selected boards for solid flooring or toplayers producer”

Knots between 25 to 45 mm.
Allowance for some limited traces of sapwood on the edges,
but not full face sapwood.


QF 3/4 X


Rustic “Cost effective boards”

Knots size from 45 till 80 mm.
Heart one side and rift knots accepted.
No worms holes, no brown oak. Limited sapwood


Heart    “Special for reclaim or aged flooring”

Boards with full heart in the middle.




Barn   “If you love bigger knots”

Unlimited knots size. Limited sapwood.
For solid flooring production only.