Terms of Sales

HUBLET Maxime sa
Rue des Praules 1
5030 Gembloux
TVA/VAT 0411.643.551


  1. Our offers are made unless sale and without any commitment, unless otherwise
  2. Cases dealt with by our officers are only valid after confirmation.
  3. All goods travel at the risk of the recipient, even if free shipping; they are sold in good
    faith and we cannot be held responsible for hidden defects in any case.
  4. All goods must be received and approved before shipment or deemed such by the
    demand for shipping.
  5. To be valid, any claim must be in writing no later than the third day following the
    receipt of the goods.
  6. All invoices are payable in Gembloux (Belgium). This right is not waived by endorsing a
    bill on the buyer.
  7. In default of payment even partially at due date, we have the right to claim a
    compensation of 15% on the due amounts with a minimum of 50, – € (Euro Cent) this
    compensation being an irreducible lump sum.
  8. The products delivered remain our property until payment of the full amount of our
    invoice. In addition, in case our bill is not paid at the due date or if the buyer did not
    meet any other contractual condition, we reserve the right for us to consider the sale
    resolved automatically with immediate effect and without any notice being required.
    In this case, the buyer would be informed by a bailiff’s writ of execution, an assigned or
    normal letter, fax or any other way. The buyer authorizes us in this case to take back
    the products and gives us access to his premises for this purpose. This right shall not
    affect our right to claim damages for any loss including loss of profits.
  9. The unpaid invoices at agreed due periods bear interest at a rate of 1.5 % above the
    rate set by the National Bank for dishonoured bills of exchange.
  10. In case of dispute, the Court of Namur (Belgium) will be solely competent.